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The Process

& experience
I approach the process of co-creating brands and websites as a deeply sensory experience.
When the pieces that compose your brand come together,
I want your whole body to say YES.
I want MY whole body to say YES.
There’s no other way I can imagine this process.
I want every little bit of your magic to be translated.
I want a part of you in every line, color, shape.
What truly lights you up? What are all of the things that excite you? What scents, textures, sounds, truly arouse your senses? What makes you feel the most alive? When was the last time you had goose-bumps? Where is your greatest fun? What is an undeniable part of you?
The creative process..
it’s just neverending play.
Insights, Unraveling, Connection, Exploring
Always surprising, always perfect.

Branding & Website Design

You show up. I show up. Open hearts and clear minds.
Your vision and mine slowly merge into one.
One big beautiful vision that comes alive as a brand and a website that make you want to shout “YES! THIS is ME.”
You will receive a more in-depth questionnaire,  followed up by a strategy call. These, along with the initial discovery call, represent the most important part of the process and serve as a strong foundation for everything that comes next.
We begin the concept development phase by creating a mood board, logo and logo variations,  exploring color palettes, as well as creating the site map.
Once we are clear about the overall look and feel of the design, we move into creating the final result. 
This is where the final branding style guide becomes complete, converging with the typography choices  and brand elements. 
It is also the time where the final website design, once approved, comes to life as a fully functional, beautiful, badass, authentic representation of you and your unique essence. 🙂
As we approach the end of our time together, there’s still goodies to be received, such as 10 social media graphics, a video training walkthrough for helping you navigate your new website with ease,  and a mockup of your website to use for marketing purposes.
The exact elements that come together in each step of the process differ, depending on the package you have selected. This is an overview for a complete package that contains both branding design and web design. I encourage you to check out the Service Menu for seeing all of the available packages and items and to know exactly what is included in each one.

Ioana was a pleasure to work with. Not only does she have a great eye for design and conception, she is a great communicator, very accommodating, patient and was able to take an idea and make it Amazing!! I would not hesitate to work with Ioana again & I highly recommend her to anyone in need of great service!

Jodi B.