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Hey there!

I’m Ioana and I’m here to translate your vision into visual, tangible deliciousness.

Personal Branding & Web Design

for creatives - coaches - artists - adventurers

Your personal brand
already exists.
It is your essence.
The way you speak,
the way you write.
What lights you up.
The way you see things.
Your energy.
I’m just here to witness you and translate it into visual language.
Here to alchemize your dreams, vision and essence into images, visuals, colors, fonts, websites, all of these things that this digital world is asking for.

your home on the web

When you invite someone into your home, they can sense your energy, they notice your personality, your essence, all around them.
They step into your world, with curiosity and openness and wonder.
In some ways, inviting someone into your home on the web, is pretty much the same thing. The only difference is that you may not possess the know-how to make your brand and website represent you truly, beautifully, authentically.
and that’s why I’m here

To witness life, creating through you, to hear your voice and create the space where it can expand and grow stronger.

To gently pull your vision closer, give it wings and design a home on the web where it can arrive, safe and steady.

So if you’re ready, let’s play 🙂
I am beyond eager to craft a nest where your dream can land.
“All I can say is you need to work with Ioana! She’s got a sharp eye and creates absolutely gorgeous images. If you are looking to take your brand to the next level, and want an amazingly talented ally on your team,
Ioana is your gal!”



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